Let's Help You Maintain Your
App So It Doesn't Crash!

Ensure your app delivers consistent performance to your users

Well-maintained app guarantees:

Like your car, apps need frequent care and upkeep in order to meet your customer expectations

Benefits Of Letting Us Maintain Your App

Better user experience

To be at the top in he software business, your user experience has to be top-notch. We will ensure that your user experience meets the expectation of your users because we understand that it is the deciding factor for users to want to continue with an app or dump it

Integrating Technical Enhancements

Mobile-based technology advances constantly. From time to time, we will ensue that your app is up to date with the latest technology, in terms of programming languages, new platforms, etc. Doing this will keep your app error-free and stable

App store optimization

We will constantly ensure that your app is always optimized. We will make sure we use the right keyword, accurate headlines and descriptions, responding to reviews, addressing feedback, uploading fresh screenshots/videos as features change, running search ads, adding changelogs, etc

Updated user interface

We don't want your mobile app to have the same look for the longest period of time and begin to put off the users, our team of designers will ensure that the looks of your app are user-centric and appealing to your customers

Returns on investment

Well maintained apps show that the owner(s) of the apps are paying attention o the demands of the users. When users become accustomed to using an app frequently, it automatically means that revenue is constant

App Maintenance Cost Breakdown:

Cost for hosting

The backend of your app is most likely hosted on a 3rd party server, Depending on the number of users and media usage, these factors will determine the cost

Starting from

₦350, 000

Per quarter


Licenses need to be renewed on a yearly basis in a case where the technology license is not a one-off payment

Starting from

₦350, 000

Per quarter

App Maintenance Is The Best Way To Get Returns On Investment. Don't Wait Till You App Becomes Obsolete, Get In Touch With Us Let Us Help You Properly Maintain Your App

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