Convert your UI designs
into a Mobile app now.

Our team of developers can implement your UI design
into a functional app in 3 weeks.

With your design, your app is 35% ready. Let's get it to the app store.

You will get your API, APK, and the required integrations for your app.  We will work with your designs to deliver you a fully functional app and ensure it gets to the app store. 

Your beautiful UI designs need our  tech expertise to have a good UX – Don’t compromise! 

What you get

With our UI design to app service, you get


Backend & API

The API and the Backend is what resides on a server along with the database. Most of your app logic will reside in the backend, and our backend engineers are trained to design a backend architecture that will scale comfortably as your market grows.

Betting mobile app design WePrototype app developers

Android and iOS App

The mobile app is what the user experiences, even if the actual data is on the backend. We are obsessed about building mobile apps with great usability and user experience. We build native mobile apps or hybrids depending on your choice.

Choose your package

Hybrid App

  • Functional Requirements
  • Project Information Sheet
  • Delivered in two days

Native App

  • Process Flow Diagram
  • Number of Screens to Expect
  • Functional Requirements
  • Project Information Sheet
  • Delivered in two days
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WePrototype Technologies is a company with a team of software developers, designers, business analysts, project managers, ex-founders, and digital marketing experts. We have one singular objective — to help founders build successful startups.