Do you have a brief for your app idea?

A brief that captures your idea and ensures the developer and designer understands your idea.

Translate your app idea into a detailed brief so a developer can understand.

We will write a project brief for you. A project brief contains your app features requirement, expectations, user roles, integrations, process flow diagram and number of screens to expect.

The idea is all in your head. But you need everyone else to get it

Poor communication is why 98% of app projects fail

What you get

With our idea to document service, you get:

Process Flow

A process flow diagram is a pictorial description of how your idea works and and the users journey. Developers can immediately understand your project by looking at the diagram. View Sample

Functional Requirement

This is a detailed list of all features expected on your app. The functional requirement is a specification that legally binds your developer to a set of deliverables.

Project Sheet

The project information sheet captures important details about your idea. The idea summary, problem statement, target market, competitors and critical milestones.

Choose your package

proper documentation you can send to developers

Basic Package

  • Functional Requirements
  • User roles
  • Project Information Sheet
  • Integrations
  • Delivered in five days

Full Package

  • Process Flow Diagram
  • Number of Screens to Expect
  • Functional Requirements
  • Project Information Sheet
  • Estimated timeline
  • Delivered in eight days
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