Manage your Developers with our Expert Project Managers.

We have a team of expert project managers that can help you  deliver real value with your developers against the business opportunity in record time.

For your project to be successful , you need experienced project managers. They are right here – we have a 100% success rate 

What you get

Why you need our project management services


Project progress

With several years of experience and an impressive success rate with managing projects we can guarantee that your projects will move forward rapidly. 



Quality is one of our core competences. We will ensure that your project is nothing short of outstanding on every level. We have a track record to prove this.


Risk Analysis

Majority of the issues that impact a project result in one way or another from risk. We can help lessen risk significantly by complying to a policy of open communication, ensuring every  participant has an opportunity to express opinions and concerns.


Team Leadership

We have led teams of developers in-house and externally. we have been able to achieve impeccable results both internally and externally. This experience will enable us to help you gain value at every level of your project.


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About Us
WePrototype Technologies is a company with a team of software developers, designers, business analysts, project managers, ex-founders, and digital marketing experts. We have one singular objective — to help founders build successful startups.