Protect The Intellectual Property
Of Your Mobile App

Don’t leave your app vulnerable to intellectual thieves

Get An Intellectual Property Strategy That Best Protects Your App Idea

Don’t allow your app idea to be executed by someone’s, protect it!

Why you should consult with us on intellectual property rights for mobile apps

Copyright Protection

This will basically protect the originality and creativity behind the app to prevent infringement. If an app idea is well protected you won’t have to bother so much about someone building the app before or someone trying to build your exact same type of app

Registration Of Trademark For Your App’s Name And Logo

We will help you create a brand identity and protect it with trademark registration. Registration means you can prevent others, from using the same or similar brand name or logo for their app

Protect You From Infringing Other People’s Work

We will ensure you don’t infringe on other people’s work by following through to make sure that your product is as original as possible. This will eventually save us the stress of having to face legal penalties in the future for copying a product

If you’re confused and asking the question: “why do I need to protect my app idea?”
get in touch with us or pay for a consultation session


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70, 000

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150, 000

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