We would love to hear about your idea

What services do you need?

  • What are your payment terms?

    Our fees are affordable and our payment terms have been uniquely structured for salary earners. You can spread payment over weeks or months.
    You could even attach payments to milestones; with over 8 milestones in our app building process.

  • What platform should I target? Apple, Android or both?

    We build mobile apps that work perfectly on both platforms.

  • Can I integrate my mobile App with other services?

    Certainly. We can integrate with any service online, including payment gateways, CRM, Sales tools and even internal enterprise systems.

  • Will I get the source code to my mobile App?

    Most definitely. When you work with us, we make you sign a document that transfers the intellectual property ownership of the App to you.

    Did you know that according to Nigerian laws, whoever builds a thing owns that thing? That means, if you don’t get your developer to transfer rights to you implicitly, then you can’t claim ownership.

  • Should I have a website with all the same features as the app?

    It is not mandatory to have a website with same features as App.
    You can target app development first, and launch with a one page website [which we offer as part of our App-360 service]
    On getting more traction, you can then have a website with same features as the app.

Victoria Island

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