A ride-hailing service that provides solutions to ease of commuting within Lagos
Problem worth Solving

There wasn’t enough competition in the ride-hailing space, so we wanted an app where users can book rides at a very low but competitive rate.

The Core Challenge

Users needed an option that allowed them to move in groups or book luxury rides which other ride-hailing services weren’t providing.

How we solved it

We developed an app where users can book rides at very affordable rates and also select special vehicles for special occasions. The app was designed for regular ride-hailing service users that are constantly searching for a better and affordable alternative as well as people who need special vehicles for special events.

  • Duration:

    1. Still in Development
  • Target Platform(s):

    1. Built for Android and iOS.
  • Budget:

    1. $12,000
  • Team:

    1. 6 People:
      1 Designer ◻ 2 Mobile Developers ◻ 1 Backend & API Developer
      Project Manager ◻ 1 Market Analyst.
  • Technology Stack

    1. Google Flutter, Google Firebase, Amazon Rekognition, Amazon S3 Storage, Django, Heroku Dynos, GraphQL.


These are some screenshot of the mobile app.

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