A Music streaming platform for artist to upload and share music with their fans.
Problem worth Solving

The independent artists don’t have a good platform to showcase their songs for their core fan base to buy, stream and download.

The Core Challenge

A lot of artists never had the opportunity to distribute their records themselves, so they had to go through distributors who in turn shortchange them of what they supposed to earn from record sales.

How we solved it

We developed an app where artists could upload their singles and albums with ease for their fans to stream, download and buy original versions of their body of work. Fans can have direct access to artist catalogs. For now, the app is free for anyone to upload music and stream music

  • Client:

    1. Record Label Exec
  • Duration:

    1. Still in Development
  • Target Platform(s):

    1. Built for Android and iOS.
  • Budget:

    1. $12,000
  • Team:

    1. 6 People:
      1 Designer ◻ 2 Mobile Developers ◻ 1 Backend & API Developer
      Project Manager ◻ 1 Market Analyst.
  • Technology Stack

    1. Google Flutter, Google Firebase, Amazon Rekognition, Amazon S3 Storage, Django, Heroku Dynos, GraphQL.


These are some screenshot of the mobile app.

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