Run background checks on domestic workers using facial recognition.
Problem worth Solving

Everyday, over 1,000 Nigerian Children are maltreated by care-givers. There is no record of these incidences anywhere. Those who are caught, simply pick up another job somewhere else.

The Core Challenge

Even if there was a way to capture and store records of incidences, most Nigerian nannies use pseudo-names like "Joy", "Favour", "Blessing". Names they usually change after every incidence.

How we solved it

We decided facial recognition was the sure way to identify nannies from video recordings of incidences. We built Verinanny on top of Amazon Rekognition (AWS).


Wireframing is an important step in mobile app development. A wireframe is a simplified visual concept of a yet to be developed mobile app. It shows space distribution, content prioritization, available features, intended actions and relationships between screens. It is a non-resource intensive way to quickly sketch out an idea

We use Balsamiq, Marvelapp or Sketch for Wireframing

  • Client:

    1. Kemi & Yetunde
  • Duration:

    1. 4 months total development time, including beta tests and revisions.
  • Target Platform(s):

    1. Built for Android and iOS.
  • Budget:

    1. $12,000
  • Team:

    1. 6 People:
      1 Designer ◻ 2 Mobile Developers ◻ 1 Backend & API Developer
      Project Manager ◻ 1 Market Analyst.
  • Technology Stack

    1. Google Flutter, Google Firebase, Amazon Rekognition, Amazon S3 Storage, Django, Heroku Dynos, GraphQL.


These are some screenshot of the mobile app.

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