Outsourcing software development has grown in popularity. Companies who are looking for avenues to reduce basic costs without compromising on app quality often favour outsourcing. 


But there are more benefits to outsourcing than cost reduction. In this post, we are going to tell you 5 reasons why you should consider outsourcing the development of your mobile app. 


Before we begin though, let’s quickly go through the three common mobile app development outsourcing models. 





This is the simplest model out there. This type of outsourcing is project based. In this model, you do not have to bother about the process. 


You give full responsibility to the developer including the application of skills and technology, testing, maintenance. 


Time and material model is popular because it provides full commitment and flexibility to a single project. 



If you need a dedicated development team for a specific period of time, then this is the option for you. 


Here, the outsourcing company handles most of the processes and you can take full advantage of their strengths. 


The group should consist of project managers, designers, engineers, business analysts and other experts. And you have the right to decide if you want to manage and run the team. 



In this model, the outsourcing company works with you, using your resources and other outsourced services to help you achieve your goal. 


You hold the reins to the team. The development company just supports you in producing high quality results. 


Now that we have familiarized ourselves with these common outsourcing models, let’s look at reasons why you should consider outsourcing the development of your mobile application. 



If you plan on scaling your startup quickly, you should be looking for avenues to cut costs. One way to do this is to outsource the development of your mobile application.


Statistics have shown that doing this can help you cut costs to up to 75%.


The maintenance costs of an in-house team of developers can be astronomical. You’ll have to bear the burden of costs such as training, overtime, raises and so on. 


If you outsource your app development to a development company, you wouldn’t need to worry about these costs. 



Planning for the future is never straightforward, so it helps to be able to take away a little guesswork when doing so. 


Outsourcing the development of your mobile app offers you cost predictability. You can expect a fixed price based on agreed upon metrics. 


The cost of maintaining an in-house team of developers, however, can easily blow up. In fact, Forrester reported that companies should expect to set budgets higher than anticipated to account for unpredictability during the first two years. 



If you want the best programming talents working on your projects without going through the hassle of having to hire them full-time, then you should really try outsourcing. 


Technology advances quickly and it is never a bad idea to have access to new perspectives on your project. Through outsourcing, you will meet qualified people with strong technological expertise. 



The knowledge that you don’t have to worry about the complications of hiring and training means that you can allocate your available resources in the most optimum way possible. 


With experts working round-the-clock on your project, the time-to-market delivery of your product is shorter. This helps take your competitiveness to the next level as well as helping you with a head start against your competitors. 



You can reduce risks for your business by partnering with a development firm that has a tried and tested project management system. 


The outsourcing companies will take on risks that will normally be yours to bear. Such risks include data security and project theft. 



Outsourcing your mobile app development can help you reduce your workload, concentrate on other important activities and also save costs.


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