These days technology plays a major role in the rapid growth of a lot of businesses today. It does this by helping businesses identify, automate, and simplify. In layman’s terms, it helps businesses solve problems.

Before the dominance of mobile apps, many things were done manually and they were very time-consuming. For example your bank mobile app, back then, you would have to go to a bank to send or withdraw money, pay bills or even resolve complaints. Now with apps, clients can do a lot with their banks without going to the bank.

Many businesses still joggle too many responsibilities at the same time due to their inability to innovate and digitalize their strategy. Take a typical logistics company for instance -from taking orders to processing the orders, tracking the orders, keeping tabs on the riders and delivering the orders. This entire process can be quite rigorous. it will definitely lead to dysfunction, high cost of labor, dissatisfied customers and overwhelmed staff.

Now, with mobile apps, companies can now solve critical problems, like incomplete business data, errors in their data, inefficient processes, inconsistent work methods, lack of accountability in the workforce, communication, etc. all within the application, Mobile apps should be an integral part of every B2C or B2B workflow requirements.

What is the benefit of owning a mobile app for my business?

The core benefits of owning a mobile app for any business are:





These core benefits influence how well you develop and utilize your apps

However, you need to understand that Mobile apps are not just limited to displaying products and services or drive sales but also a good tool to solve complex daily business problems.

Millions of businesses around the world use mobile apps to solve certain problems their companies face.

Let’s examine these problems and how mobile apps can solve these problems:

1. Enhance the overall business process:

Mobile apps can boost business efficiency by managing workflow better, quicker response to customers, better data collection platform, reduce overhead cost, saves time. However, before you develop the app, you need to factor in all these functionalities, so you can optimally maximize the usefulness of the app.

2. Serves a Marketing channel:

Your mobile app is a good way to upsell to your existing customers. You can update your clients or customers on new products, services, incoming offers, industry trends, get feedback on new products, company news and many more. You can even run promotions via your apps. Jumia does this a lot.

3. Boost brand reputation:

These days customers (potential and existing) judge brands based on the quality of their app. you need to have in mind while developing your app that your app will be the first point of contact to your business and it is going to speak volumes about your business, so you need to ensure that your app is beautiful, simple, responsive and very functional.

4. Increases customer engagement:

When your customers constantly find things of interest on your mobile app, they tend to want to be very active there, leave feedbacks, send emails, give their ratings, etc. This, in turn, places your business at the top of their mind whenever they need the product or service you render.

5. Realtime connection:

You can connect on the go with customers or members of your team without having to be present with them or be in an office, You can answer queries, resolve issues, download and upload electronic documents, anywhere you are at any point in time. etc.

6. Boost customer service:

Apps can help you boost customer service, you can communicate with your customers via your app, you can update them on new products, you can engage them, you can attend to their queries and everything can be done in real-time via a mobile app.

The most successful companies are those that continue to innovate and digitalize their strategy. Never resist innovation as a business.
Make sure to listen to your customer’s needs and keep up with the trends

Conclusion and recommendation:

Mobile apps are very powerful tools for business growth if properly harnessed. They can solve some of the most complex business problems, ranging from productivity to sales to brand image and customer service. A mobile app can wholistically enhance business processes. I believe this write up will inspire you to develop an app for your business today.

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