I once saw a product in a store, it served a highly demanded purpose for shoppers, but sadly, a lot of shoppers overlooked it mainly because it was poorly branded. It had little or no appeal to the shoppers, so they all went for an alternative that was lesser in quality but well branded. This is what happens when a product poorly branded.

When it comes to software development people often think that certain components aren’t very important. There is this expectation that if the product is solid, customers will automatically latch on. This is unfortunately not true. Good products don’t automatically attract customers, they must still be sold.

There are many tech products out there that are amazing in terms of functionality, however, they don’t get the desired traction from their customers simply because the product has little or no appeal. (I won’t list names, however, you know them..they are on the app store)They are not beautiful, they are not attractive and they don’t spark any form of emotion from the users.

Regardless of whatever industry you function, brand awareness is a very key component to keep at the top of mind when developing a product. When you hear about luxury cars, what brands come to mind? The average individual will think about a Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Honda, and so on. That is exactly the power of branding.

Remember, Branding is the art of aligning what you want people to think about your product with what people actually do think about your product. And vice-versa. Put simply, Branding is meant to pull everything together, so your product can be easily recognised by the public. This includes your product labels, websites, and mobile apps.

Importance of branding your mobile app

1. The first impression

When users come across your brand for the first time it gives them an impression. It could be negative or positive, depending on how the brand made them feel after interacting with it. You know the old saying about first impressions, yeah? – it can last a lifetime.

2. Product positioning

In the app ecosystem where there are a lot of alternative products, it is best that your product stays unique so it can be easily entrenched in the mind of the users. The best way is to build a formidable brand.

3. Reassures customers

Branding gives your customers the assurance and reassurance that they are in the right spot and can continue to have a positive relationship with your business long after their first contact.

4. Boosts consistency

Customers love it when a brand is consistent. It gives them confidence in that product and it propels them to make recommendations whenever they get the opportunity to.

5. Proximity to target audience

Branding can move you closer to your target market if you can reflect what they like, embody what they are looking for.

6. Distinguishes your product

Branding can make distinguishing your product easier especially in a market filled with a plethora of alternatives. It makes your users see in a different light.

7. Creates room for a better relationship with customers

This will eventually come when users have become loyal to the brand. They will always want to give feedback and stick with the brand regardless of what happens.

Without a doubt, Branding is an integral component of any successful product. Don’t downplay its importance or relevance. The under-utilization of branding has led to the death of many products. Only businesses that are able to reach out to their target audience with emotional connection, promising remarkable experience and trust via effective branding in an app, will survive in the highly innundated tech space.