I just got fired. It’s the most unexpected thing happening to me right now. What am I to do next? What if, just what if I had worked on my idea. How can I sustain my family? What next? If only I foresaw this, I probably would have invested in my idea a while ago.


That brings me to you. What do you have in mind? How do you think a mobile app will help you scale? Do you need technical co founder support? Do you have a network of friends you think will love your idea enough to invest in it? We can turn your idea into a technology driven business while you are still on your job earning a salary.

WePrototype Technologies is all about making successful entrepreneurs and giving them all the technical support they need.

What about running your business via a mobile app? You will agree with me that not all apps on Google play store are profitable. Why?

1. A flawed business strategy with a fantastic app is a failed app
2. A great business strategy with a flawed app is a failed app

At WEPROTOTYPE TECH we ensure A great business strategy with a fantastic app. That is, apps GUARANTEED TO succeed in the market.

We do not only build amazing apps, Our success stories is dependent on your business success.

We understand you are currently working, so we are very flexible. We even schedule meetings on weekends. Our fees are convenient to a salary earner. You pay monthly and no interest is added.

While you are still earning that fat salary, invest in your idea and more importantly scale it with technology.

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WePrototype Technologies is more than an app building firm. We are very intentional and strategic. We build apps that are guaranteed to succeed in the market. This means every app we build has a solid business plan and strategy. Our apps are built with cutting edge technologies and pass through a UI/UX test to ensure a good user interface and user experience by the app users. We have experienced business analyst in our team. Every app is built with the target market in mind. This is why giving our clients a Prototype is very critical in our business process