Our indefatigable in-house designers took time off their busy schedules to tell us their experience with designing diverse products for clients at WePrototype. They also had a lot to say about the company culture and their overall experience with the team.


Brandon Oghenejobo
Working in Weprototype these last three weeks has been quite amazing, learning how to use and manipulate graphic resources to achieve the most expressive User interface possible. Even noticing how my work speed has improved producing cutting edge designs, bring my ideas to my team to improve the productivity of our prototype has felt fantastic.


Samuel Esiekpe
My first 3 weeks at WePrototype Technologies has brought some enlightenment for me, here’s why. You see on arrival the company wasn’t at all what I expected, It was better; It felt comfortable, How comfortable you might ask? Well enough to make you feel like your back home among friends or family but that was not what struck me. Yes I know, what could be better right?

Well, it was their policy towards founders (clients as others use), and what was this policy? Well to place it simply, it was the company who a “make the logo bigger client” would never find reasons to complain. This was because of how closely they work with founders to ensure their ideas are not only made reality but hits KPIs set out through the project.

As a designer, interaction with users is crucial and WePrototype Technologies is helping me become better.

Isn’t it amazing the impact they have made in their short time with the team? Also the impact the company culture has had on them.


This is a testament to the fact that there is almost no limit to what a team that shares the same vision can achieve.

Cheers to achieving greater milestones.


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