On the 11th of June, WePrototype Technologies held its first press conference.

At some point during the press conference, our CEO just had to have a good laugh.
Left to Right: Mayowa Okegbenle (Our CEO), Folake Solaja (Head of Public Relations), Seye Seton (Our Customer, Executive Director @ VendorCredit.ng)


We were excited to have a press conference to announce our service. One primary reason for hosting this press conference was to establish media relationships our clients could eventually make use of. If we are going to make sure our clients succeed in the market, a good relationship with media outlets is critical.

Let's give you a quick run down of how it went.

We were not going to give room for errors. Everything has to be perfect. Mic check, camera check, menu set, food set. Guest list and sitting arrangements.


The event was scheduled for 11am. Everything was set and we are waiting for media reps to arrive.

At exactly 11am, media houses representatives began to arrive. Gracefully welcomed by some of WePrototype’s team members and handed their media kit. We will wait for 10 minutes and start. If you want to always have your event time respected, you show it. Everyone was seated by 11:10am. Things are going according to plan, it’s time to start.

The event kicked off at 11:15am, and our Head of PR, who served as event moderator, introduced the speakers.
Left to Right: Maureen Omage (Head of Operations), Mayowa Okegbenle (Our CEO), Folake Solaja (Head of Public Relations), Seye Seton (Our Customer, Executive Director @ VendorCredit.ng)

We had 3 key announcements.

The CEO, Mayowa Okegbenle spoke at length on why he started WePrototype Technologies, his vision for the company, the company’s core competencies, the company’s approach to business and the future of the company.

One of our clients- Seye Seton- CoFounder VendorCredit spoke so much about us, I guess we never understood the depth of how personal we take clients project. He called our CEO- Mayowa a deep supporter. One who holds you by the hand to ensure you remain successful.

Another client also spoke with enthusiasm on how her experience with WePrototype Tech has been peace of mind personified.

Everyone asked questions.

It is a new dawn in the world of mobile app development. Unlike other service providers, we focus on more than just the "app".

Play Video
Here is a one minute video summarizing all we are about.

I guess we can call it a successful event. I must say it was thrilling to see the whole venue bubbling with interest. Everyone networked and new relationships were formed.

Many thanks to the media outlets who attended our event.