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Hello there,

You wouldn’t just call a Bricklayer and say “build me a house with 4 rooms, 5 bathrooms and a big kitchen”. No you wouldn’t, because there is well known process in place that guarantees you get exactly the kind of house you have in mind.

Then why do you call a software developer and say “I want an app with so and so features”?

It is no surprise you end up being disappointed and worn out with all the back and forth until you finally count your losses.

At WePrototype, we follow a process that guarantees you get the app you envisioned using the same engineering principles that has been in place for decades.

This prototype can be sent to any developer [even one who does not speak english], and what you get is an app that works exactly as it should, the way you envisioned.

I have heard of too many horror stories about developers, especially from aspiring entrepreneurs trying to build a new startup. And when I listen to their story, it is the same, they wanted to build an app and they called a developer. However, both parties are not aware of the gap in skills required to take a product from idea to market.

That is the gap we intend to fill. This is why we exist.
Mayowa Okegbenle

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Seye Seton

Co-founder @ VendorCredit.ng

The team at WePrototype Technologies have been fantastic in getting my project off the ground. I didn’t have to worry about when they will deliver. Everything went according to schedule. I am so happy with the app. It is now time for me to execute my marketing plans.

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