We turn complex ideas into
beautiful user experiences

Founders need to build great stuff. But there is a gap between your
understanding of the problem and the visualization of the solution. With our
design service, we give our founders the clarity and confidence they need to
move forward.

Our designs



Our founder wanted to design and build a brokerage app that allows Immigrants in the diaspora to invest in equities and other financial securities back home as if they never left.

Design solution

We created a user persona based on our research findings and we then designed an app with a visually appealing interface that gives users anywhere in the world a remarkable experience whilst using the app.

Our designs



This founder is building an EMR product that moves public hospitals in Nigeria from paper to electronic medical records in a manner that: improves diagnostics of patients and eases records management.

Design solution

We transcended into designing with the use of sticky notes to map out flow ideas. Keeping the medic user persona in mind we were able to create a UI/UX that is calm, solid and flexible.

Our designs



Businesses around Africa are constantly sourcing for finance which remains a daunting task in any economic clime, our client wanted to create a platform where entrepreneurs can showcase their business to investors, donors and get finance.

Design solution

We identified the target market and went through iterations of wireframe designs with the goal of putting businesses in front of donors and/or investors, while ensuring a great experience with usability, usefulness and a visually engaging interface.

Our designs



Our founder wanted to provide small and medium scale businesses with a solution that will professionally stand them out, where they don’t need to buy multiple sim cards to set up different phone numbers for the business all they need to do is to set up a number on Pressone and add as many extensions as they desire.

Design solution

We designed a formal yet elegant design with the intent to allow a user to set up a number on the app and be able to add extensions easily.

Our designs



The founders of AfroEats wanted to design a solution that will make food delivery a lot less stressful for food vendors and make ordering meals alot more convenient for their customers. A simple app that enables a quick, efficient and reliable way for food vendors to sell and for customers to order meals seamlessly.

Design solution

By breaking down the use cases needed for this projects we were able to effitiently divide the number of users into four major roles; restaurant, ritchen staff, delivery man and customer. Then we designed easy to use interfaces with 99.9% effectiveness that enables these roles to work simultaneously without any loopholes.

Our designs



The founders of Fixx noticed that there is a major problem around getting good, reliable, and verifiable handymen across the country. People were always skeptical about hiring Handymen because of past experiences with underskilled Handymen. So wanted to build a solution that gives users easy access to reliable and verified handymen and also give handymen easy access to paying customers.

Design solution

After structuring clear personas and use cases of this product we were able to breakdown the user flows leading to us designing two apps, one for the handymen and the other for the customers. With the combination of our user stories and a modern design strategy Fixx came to light.

Our Process

Briefing and knowledge sharing

We have set up something we like to call an “idea extraction session”. This is where you have a sit-down with the strategist to elaborately discuss your idea and properly dissect your imaginations. We will help you piece together what you have imagined accurately.

UX/UI designer

Communication channel

We provide an effective communication channel that allows you to reach out to any member of the team assigned to you at any time.

Process flow

We draw up a process flow that enables designers to focus on what users want to get out of interactions with a particular product.

A dedicated team is assigned to your project

There’s an old African proverb that goes by: “It takes a village to raise a child” We know your idea is like a child hence why we have a team dedicated to see that child grow.

Product analyst for (User demographics, and persona analysis)

This will further enable you to communicate your ideas accurately and also allow for a seamless designing process.

Brainstorming, sketches & weekly reviews

As you consistently interact with the product team and the strategists, you have a clearer picture of the product idea you have imagined.

Layering and structure

We compare low-fidelity designs with the behavior of real-life user experience and keep improving the expected experience.

Milestones and Delievrables

Week 1-2: A process flow
Week 6-8: High fidelity designs- Prototype
Week3-5: Then low fidelity designs (wireframes)
Week 1-2: A process flow

By the end of 8 weeks, you should be able to have an accurate picture that depicts your idea. As files on Figma, with a prototype that allows you experience what the app looks like and how it will work.

Video Testimonial

Written testimonials in video form

Here is what our clients have to say about us:

Frequently asked questions

What platforms do you design for?

We design for Android, iOS, (Different screen sizes) Webapps, Websites, and Landing Pages.

What kind of designs do you make?

We create designs that are customer-focused and user-friendly, that will communicates every element of your idea.

How does your design process work?

We differentiate a UI designer from a UX designer. They are experts at understanding the most complex and simple ideas and translating them into designs that communicate your idea aptly to your audience.

What do you do when a client doesn’t like a design?

This rarely ever happens. But, in the event that it does, we take a step back and ask insightful questions to better understand the issues the client may have with the design.

What is the difference between UI/UX design?

UI (user interface)design is centered on the layout of visual elements on a user interface, UX (User experience) design is ‘people-focused.’ It’s about what drives them; how they think and act.

What will be the minimum cost of your design?

Usually, our designs are valued at a minimum of 3000 USD

Still have a question

If you cannot find an answer to your question in our FAQs, you can always contact us and we will answer you shortly.

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